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Carolina is a pianist with great musicality, who seeks expressivity through sound.

She graduated in 2016 with an outstanding grade t the Higer Centre Katarina Guska, obtaining the Superior Title of Music.

Her teacher Nino Kereselidze, has transmitted her taste for Russian music, playing musical pieces and carrying out research works of P.I.Tchaikovsky and S.Prokófiev.

She has finished in 2018 the Mater degree of Soloist Interpretation, at the same centre, CSKG.

Nowadays she is a piano teacher in Almer, school of music and arts in Las Rozas de Madrid, and she continued her upgrading courses with her teachers, Nino Kereselidze, Javier Negrín, Alexander Kandelaki and  Ángel Sanzo in CSKG.

Due to her early artistic vocation, she took part in 2008 in the “VIII Hazen Piano and Music Contest” gaining an “Honourable Mention” in the piano modality 1º and 2º Professional degree.

Her piano repertoire is wide, since baroque music as J.S.Bach to contemporary music as O.Messiaen.

She has received countless masterclasses from Andrey Yaroshinsky, Bruno Vlahek, Enrique Bernaldo de Quirós, Lev Vinocour and Pilar Valero.

In September 2018 she has taken part in the piano speciality in the “XV cours of pianists and conductors and León Youth Orchestra” from Eutherpe Foundation, where she received masterclasses of piano from Elza Kolodin and attending conducting clases of Bruno Aprea.

She has given solo as well as chamber music recitals at cultural centres and music schools.

Carolina is fascinated by Chopin´s music, her favourite composer, which has led her to perform the nº1 piano concert in E minor, of this autor.

Carolina Esperanza Puche Suárez

“If it were not for the music, there would be more reasons to go crazy”
Piotr Illich Tchaikovski


Repertoire for piano only


Preludio y fuga I  en Do mayor volumen II

Preludio y fuga XXIV en Si menor volumen II


Sonata nº2  KV 280 en Fa mayor volumen I

Phantasía, “Fantasía”  KV 475 en Do menor volumen II


Sonata nº24 op 78 en Fa # mayor volumen II

F.Mendelssohn Bartholy

Variations Sérieuses “Variaciones serias” op 54 en Re menor


Abegg Variationen “Variaciones Abegg” op 1 en Fa mayor


Estudio op 10 nº3 en Mi mayor

Estudio op 10 nº8 en Fa mayor

Estudio op 25 nº1 en La b mayor

Nocturnos op 62 nº 1 y 2


Rapsodia Española


The Nutcracker, “El Cascanueces” Suite op 71,  Arranged by Stepán Esipoff”


Triana Iberia Libro II


Images Libro I  Reflets Dans L´Eau, “Reflejos en el agua”

Images Libro II Et la lune descend sur le temple quif ut, “Sobre la luna desciende la catedral”

Images Libro II Poissons d´or, “Peces de oro”


El pelele (Goyesca)


Romeo y Julieta op 75. Selección: “La joven Julieta”, “Montescos y Capuletos”, “El padre Lorenzo”, “Mercutio” y “La despedida de Romeo y Julieta”.


Regard des Anges  “Mirada de los ángeles”

Repertoire of contemporary music for piano only


Sechs Kleine Klavierstruke op 19 nº 1y2 (1913)


Jeunes filles au Jardin (1915/1918)


Macumba, I Preludio y II Danza


Tango (1940)


Erdenklavier, Pastorale (1969)


Le Merle Noir, “El mirlo negro” (1985)

Repertoire for piano and orchestra

L.V.Beethoven concierto para piano nº1 op15 en Do mayor

F.Chopin concierto para piano nº1 en Mi menor

Repertoire for two piano


Sonate, I Prologue, II Allegro Molto, III Andante Lyrico, IV Epilogue (1953)

“Music is a greater revelation than all the wisdom and philosophy”
Ludwig van Beethoven


Upcoming concerts

Previous Concerts

Final Master’s Recital at CSKG School

Triana, I.Albéniz, Iberia, Libro II

L.V.Beethoven piano concierto Nr 1 op 15

Auditorio Centro Cultural Galileo – Concierto 18 mayo 2018

See program

Auditorio Centro Cultural Galileo – Concierto 18 mayo 2018

Auditorio Centro Cultural Galileo – Concierto 06 abril 2018

I. Albéniz (1860 – 1909) Triana (Suite Iberia)

See program

Imagen Concierto Albéniz Triana 6-04-2018 C.Cultural Galileo

Auditorio Centro Cultural Galileo – Concierto 22 marzo 2018

S. Prokófiev (1891 – 1953) Romeo y Julieta op 75

See program

Auditorio Centro Cultural Galileo – Concert 27 February 2018

W.A.Mozart – P.I.Tchaikovsky – O.Messiaen

See program

Centro Superior de Enseñanza Musical Katarina Gurska

W.A.Mozart – P.I.Tchaikovsky – O.Messiaen

See program

Centro Superior de Enseñanza Musical Katarina Gurska

F.Chopin concierto nº 1 con Nino Kereselidze

Centro Superior de Enseñanza Musical Katarina Gurska

L.V.Beethoven piano concierto no 1 op 15 con Javier Negrín

See program





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